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Reinforcement effect of graphene GS in glass fibre/ epoxy and carbon fiber/ epoxy composites


Using a compression moulding technique, Carbon Fiber fabric was impregnated with our Graphene-Modified Epoxy Resin to develop composites. Graphene GS possesses distinct functional groups which strengthen interactions with the epoxy resin and carbon fibers.

The final composite showed an increase in tensile-shear strength of +122%, Compressive strength increase of +30%, increase in flexural strength of +73% and flexural modulus of +87%. Interlaminar shear strength increased by +31% when just 0.17% graphene (by weight) of graphene GS was included in the carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites.

The enhancements of the properties of composites are due to mechanical interlocking of graphene oxide with carbon fibers and the epoxy resin.

Graphene GS utilization is an approach for improving the properties of carbon fiber and glass fiber polymer composites.

Incorporation of 0.1% (by weight) of graphene GS in glass fibre/ epoxy exhibited a +56.2% improvement in flexural strength.

A +42% increase in flexural modulus is achieved by adding graphene GS as the secondary reinforcement to glass fiber composites.

  We offer graphene dispersions in a variety of resins as needed. At your request we can prepare dispersions of graphene in resins chosen by the customer.