Graphene Heating Coating Graphene Star

Graphene Infrated heating coating

The infrared heaters applied to the large area on the walls and ceilings

Radiation heating does not heat the air and unlike convection heating heats objects and people directly in the room. The efficiency of such heating is close to 100%.

Easy application: the coating can be applied in any way.

Temperature range: our coatings work stabely and efficiently at temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius.

Binder: pure acrylics.

Electrical resistance: 1,5-2 Ohm/ Sq.

Voltage range: any voltage, AC/ DC, from low voltage to 230 volts. Depending on the resistance of the heater layer.

Application examples: heating layer for walls and ceilings, plasterboard coating, de-icing systems, transport, pipelines, industrial equipment with any curvature of the surface, railway equipment.

Application in the heated coating GSH as a conductive component is used graphene GS, which gives the heated coating the ability of rapid heating with high efficiency.