EMR graphene Shielding coating


Graphene Star Shielding Coating


The company Graphene Star Ltd has developed a graphene shielding coating based on acrylic water dispersions and SBR. The coating does not contain metal particles, high electrical conductivity and shielding effect are provided by a high content of graphene GS-030, up to 35% by weight. Graphene can be added as a GS030P powder or as an water graphene paste GS-030W. The coating is applied to any surface with a brush or roller. 

The tests of the company's shielding coating showed high efficiency: in the range of 50 MHz - 7 GHz, the signal attenuation was up to -52 DB.

The coating has elasticity and can be painted in any color. The company sees the application of its product in the shielding of residential premises from EMR, protection of electronics and electrical equipment from spurious electromagnetic radiation and radar protection technologies.

Graphene Star Shielding Paints
Graphene Star Shielding Coating