Our Company


Graphene Star   Ltd is a UK manufacturing company producing highly pure graphene and superior   quality graphene products.  

Our   manufacturing process is innovative, efficient with minimal wastage and   entirely environmentally friendly. It is also cost-effective which allows us   to produce remarkably high-quality graphene materials at affordable prices.     

Our expertise   and ongoing scientific research enables us to develop a variety of graphene   applications to meet our customers specific needs.  

If you wish to improve performance of your products, please contact us for further information.  

Our Company New Developments

Heating Coatings

Heating coatings Graphene Star Ltd


Our graphene GS-030 was used to develop a heat coating based on acrylic, silicate and polyurethane. The resultant coatings have a low resistivity and a high heating efficiency on any surfaces. Connecting our heating coatings to low-voltage sources provides an exciting prospect for the use of coatings in residential areas and embedding the concept in a "smart house" system.

Shielding Paints

Shielding paints Graphene Star Ltd


With the use of our GS-030 graphene we have obtained highly effective shielding coatings based on acrylics and silicates. These coatings can be applied to any surface. During the tests, our coatings showed the amount of electromagnetic radiation attenuation up to -56 DB in the range 1-7 GHz and above, in the terahertz range.

Thermoelectric Generator

Thermoelectric generator Graphene Star Ltd


Our company has developed and successfully tested thermoelectric converters producing strong performance results due to the high purity of graphene GS-030. We developed a silicon and graphene-based composite and obtained a coefficient of transformation of the elements up to 20 mV/ K. These results confirm feasibility of producing solar cells for converting the infrared radiation into electricity.

Graphene Silicate Elements

Graphene Silicate Battery GrapheneStar Ltd


Our Company developed and tested Graphene silicate batteries. The resulting cells generate energy by converting heat from 15 degrees Celsius and have the properties of supercapacitors: the capacity of the elements is up to 1000 farads per gram of graphene silicate composite. 

These impressive figures can only be explained by the defect-free plates of our graphene and its high electrical conductivity. 

The use of Graphene silicate batteries is an exciting prospect for the alternative energy storage systems because the use of safe water-based electrolytes makes them very low cost and environment-friend

Polyurethane Foams with Addition of Graphene

Polyurethane Foam Graphene Star Ltd


We have obtained polyurethane foams with addition of up to 10% graphene GS-030. The resulting foams were tested as sorbents for water purification from petroleum products and other contaminants. Sorption capacity for absorption of petroleum products from water was more than 56 kg per 1 kg of foam. The addition of graphene to the foam significantly reduced static electricity foam formation.

Radioactive Waste Treatment

Radioactive waste treatment Graphene Star Ltd


Graphene has the ability to absorb radioactive elements from water. Our company is engaged in development of technology of water purification from similar pollution. Our goal is to significantly reduce the costs of water purification methods from radioactive contamination at nuclear power plants.